Modern Day Heirlooms

If you aren’t finding your perfect piece, consider reaching out so that we can make a custom piece with you.
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Bespoke Process

After scheduling with us, you will work with Shayna to talk through the design process and what you are looking for to see where we can marry your idea with her design and fabrication skills to create the perfect bespoke piece. Whether we start from a sketch or a CAD design, the focus is on executing the vision down to every little detail. Because of this, the timeline on custom work can depend. Reach out to us to begin the journey towards your very own bespoke, one of a kind piece.
  • Shayna's designs are one of a kind. Every piece she creates is so heartfelt and beautiful.

    She has such a talent for listening to the customers thoughts and then creating a stunning piece of jewelry. My pieces will be keepsakes handed down too my children.
    - Michelle Spielvogel
  • My husband has surprised me with several pieces of jewelry by Shayna and I have gifted a couple pieces as well. Everyone is always so impressed with her work and I am always so proud to wear it.

    I love her designs and trust her so much that I let her totally surprise me with the design of my wedding earrings. I was not disappointed! She truly is a one of a kind artist and the sweetest soul you will ever meet.
  • To date I’ve commissioned multiple custom jewelry projects with
    Shayna. Cufflinks, necklaces, earrings, rings, etc. I couldn’t be
    happier! Her creativity and desire to please her customers are
    remarkable. If you’re looking for quality bespoke jewelry in the
    Milwaukee area (or beyond) - definitely give Shayna a call!

Metals Gallery

We are dedicated to sourcing the finest ethically-sourced precious metals. Whenever possible, Shayna Jewelry pieces are composed of eco-friendly or recycled gold and silver.
14k Palladium White Gold
Sterling silver
18k Yellow gold
14k rose gold


Shayna has spent over a decade curating a diverse selection of gemstones ranging from old mine diamonds cut in the 1800s, to brilliant Montana sapphires, to colorful jasper and turquoise from Arizona. We are committed to working with ethically sourced precious metals and gemstones.
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Arizona
Mexican Opal
Watermelon Tourmaline
Dendritic Agate, India
Australian Opal
Indicolite Tourmaline, Brazil


Hand-crafted form and texture tells a story that is both tactile and visual. Like getting to know a person, there is what you see on the outside and what you feel when you get close. Texture and form make each piece personal – heirloom quality in design and craft.
Fringe Chain
Beadwork Tapestry Inlay
Handmade Chain

Bespoke Gallery

Find inspiration and peruse our past commissioned pieces

Create with Us

Shayna Jewelry invites clients to join in the creative process to create unique and personal jewelry pieces that you will cherish for years to come.

I find purpose and joy in continuing the tradition of hand making, especially when it culminates in a bespoke object telling the personal story of a customer in the language of my aesthetic and signature style. To know that I’m creating heirlooms that will be treasured and shared among family is an incredible honor. 


Our bespoke service allows you to commission a unique piece of fine jewelry and be involved from the initial concept to the creation of the final piece. If you’d like to tell the story of your bespoken piece, please fill out the form.