Our Vision

”Thoughtfully designed, distinctly crafted jewelry to be both an everyday favorite and modern day heirloom.”

Signature Collection

The Signature Collection combines timeless elegance and pops of color with refreshingly modern textures. Signature necklaces feature individually crafted links that couple to form a graceful chain. The Signature earrings bloom in vivid colors created by hand-stitched glass bead compositions.
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Fringe Collection

Marrying playful movement with sophisticated minimalism, Fringe Collection pieces are modern day heirlooms. Imported from Italy, each chain is composed of eco-friendly, ethically-sourced gold and silver.
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Sculpt Collection

Modern and organic, the Sculpt Collection juxtaposes form and texture through hand-carved facets. Each of these rings are hand-crafted, unique and sourced from recycled gold and silver.
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Bespoke Creations

Shayna Jewelry pieces are made with ethically sourced exceptional quality gemstones and recycled metals. Our craft is dedicated to meticulous metalwork and innovative, thoughtful design. Every piece is heirloom quality in design and craft, regardless of price.